"Desconfinados" surprises us with its conceptual and formal force, it is inspired by the popular culture of comics and manga. It is a work that proposes us to reflect on human relations and the fearsome social distancing.

Ricardo Arcos Palma

Art Critic

Artworks with a high symbolic value, which are related to the painting of Vanitas of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, since they allude clearly to vanity, to the emptiness and insignificance of beauty, to wealth or power before the certainty of death.

Eduardo Serrano

Art Critic

From beauties to manga, and creating reality in fiction, Maquiamelo's new work revives the figurative through paint and the use of collage, wreaking havoc on social networks, while critics acclaim its daring and diverse series.

Ernesto Muñoz 

Art Critic - AICA - Chile